How to Make Ends Meet While Launching Your Blog

How to Make Ends Meet While Launching Your Blog

We have all heard about bloggers who make six figures solely off of their blog. However, depending which source you turn to, the average income for a blogger is between $26,000 and $32,000 annually.

More than that, you don’t have to read too many “how to start a blog” bits before you realize that you’ll likely be lucky to turn $1,000 monthly after investing 6 months of time and sweat into your blog.

I don’t know about you, but I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

What does this mean for your income? For most new bloggers, it means burning the midnight oil. Writing, publishing and promoting until the wee hours of the night when you are not at your day job.

This is grueling, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not necessary.

Supplement Your Blogging Income

Whether you are starting a blog because you love writing or because you want to work from home, you can start supplementing your income fairly easily and right away.

I have been content writing for 12 years. Without exaggerating, I’ve written tens of thousands of blog posts, product descriptions and other types of content for I don’t know how many clients over those years. All that time, I’ve completely supported my family on my income.

And you can, too!

Work at Home Full-Time Sooner Than You Planned

Now that I’ve started blogging, the ability to work from home and control my own schedule through content writing has been a godsend. I certainly work longer hours overall now that I’m blogging and keeping up with my day job, but I have complete control over how I allocate my time and over how much money I make. I’m also at home with my family.

As my blog income ramps up, I intend to scale down on the content writing slightly. I believe this can be a graceful transition. Clearly, the ability to scale up a blog and earn some type of moderately passive income from blogging is preferred over content writing.

Until that happens, though, I’ve got bills to pay. I imagine you do, too.

How long did it take me to go from zero to 60 with content writing? Honestly, I started it blindly, and I learned the ropes in a few months. Of course, I continued refining my knowledge and skills over the years, and my income grew as a result.

However, you do not need to recreate the wheel or go through all of the same growing pains I did.

I truly want others who love writing and who want to work from home to do so. So, I’ve written a book that outlines everything you need to know to get the ball rolling on a content writing career right away. It also includes tidbits about growing your income.

I know you are busy and that you want to start making money right away, so I’ve written it concisely. If you sit down with it today, you may be done within a few hours. What’s best is that it is FREE to download right now for Amazon Prime customers. If you prefer a hard copy or you are not an Amazon Prime customer, the book is available for only a few dollars.

You can get the book here.

I would love to keep in touch with you on your journey and to answer any questions.

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