Exciting Options to Dress Up Your WordPress Website

Exciting Options to Dress Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the foundation that many amazing websites are built on. Its infrastructure enables you to incorporate an extensive range of plugins and to use your choice of templates. The availability of plugins and templates seemingly grows by the day. So, it makes sense to check out some of the exciting ways that you could take your WordPress website to the next level.


Through ThemeIsland.com, you can design your WordPress website from three exciting template possibilities. These are the lightweight and flexible Neve, the e-commerce-ready Hestia and the interactive Zelle. Each of these templates offers its own unique benefits and features, and they only scratch the surface of ThemeIsland’s options.

There are many free themes as well. The ThemeIsland website is laid out with user-friendliness in mind. You can easily browse through formats, see numerous examples of the templates in work and browse through various pricing plans.

What else does it offer? Its tables and graphs manager plugin allows you to easily import data into your website and to present it in attractive tables and graphs. There is also a robust RSS feeder plugin. It allows you to integrate affiliates, choose from a range of templates and access unlimited feeds.

Are these templates and plugins right for your needs? Check out the templates, features and design ideas for yourself by browsing through ThemeIsland.com.

Genesis Pro

Do you want more control over the structure of your WordPress website? Genesis Pro is a WordPress plugin that is a relative newcomer to the scene. It raises the bar with improved functionality and capabilities for WordPress’s layouts, blocks and formatting options.

You will also get 35 StudioPress child themes and a year of free hosting with WP Engine if you download Genesis Pro. You can learn more about Genesis Pro here.


Do you want to expand your email list, increase sales conversions or reduce shopping cart abandonment? Are you looking for opt-in solutions for a blog website, an e-commerce website or an agency?

OptInMonster.com has a robust range of powerful features, and it presents these to you in an easy-to-use format. In fact, you simply purchase the plan that you want through OptInMonster’s website. Then, you add the plugin through your WordPress account, and you are almost done.

There are many popup ad platforms, but this is your all-in-one solution regardless of what your needs are. It really is that robust. Through the website, you can request a free demo. This gives you a chance to see its features in action.

These are only some of the many amazing resources available for you to use with WordPress. Because of how robust they are to the needs of most, I recommend that you get more familiar with what they offer as you prepare to revamp your website.

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