5 Tips to Use Hashtags Strategically for Blog Post Promotion

5 Tips to Use Hashtags Strategically for Blog Post Promotion

You pour your heart and soul into your blog, so of course you want your work to be read and enjoyed. Unfortunately, the internet is a crowded place, and it is only growing more congested by the day. Self-promotion is essential, but you may not be using all promotional outlets as effectively as you could be.

We all know the basics of hashtags. When you choose the right hashtags, you can drive crazy amounts of traffic to your blog. This begs the question – are you choosing the right hashtags? More than that, are you using them effectively?

Take a look at these five essential tips for using hashtags when promoting your blog.

1. Select Hashtags Strategically

Let’s say you write a blog post about puppies and kids for your mommy blog. Would using #puppies get your targeted readers to your blog post? This tag may appeal to animal rescue groups, vets, breeders or really anyone who has a puppy or who likes puppies. However, your target audience is parents with young children. Choose hashtags that are relevant to what your followers or target audience may be following so that you get your post in front of the right folks.

2. Choose Relevant Hashtags

How many times have you noticed that #whateveristrendingtoday is on fire on Twitter at the moment? If you simply toss that random hashtag into Tweet, imagine how many people would see your tweet? While thousands or even millions of people may view your tweet, how many of these people are your target audience? The best hashtags are those that your target audience is interested in.

This does not mean that the occasional trending hashtag is not relevant and powerful. It does mean that you can annoy a lot of people if you stash your tweet in a space where it is not meaningful and beneficial to the readers.

3. Understand the Types of Hashtags

Did you know that hashtags can be classified in several groups or types? If you have trouble coming up with relevant hashtags for your blogs, consider tapping into these hashtag types strategically. The primary types of hashtags are for seasons or special events, days of the week, social media communities or groups, industry niches, specific products or services, locations, emojis, acronyms and phrases.

4. Make Words Stand Out

When you read #whateveristrendingtoday in tip #2 above, did you have to spend a few extra seconds deciphering it? When you string two or more words into a hashtag, take advantage of capital letters. Isn’t #WhateverIsTrendingToday much easier to understand? This is particularly important when you incorporate your hashtags in your post rather than jumble them together at the end of a post.

5. Focus on Your Brand

While some hashtags may seem relevant to your brand, they may actually have a different meaning or may appeal to a different audience. For example, #MomTexts is not really suitable for promoting a post on a mommy blog about playgroup texting etiquette. This hashtag is used by kids of all ages to show off funny text messages sent by their moms. Know who your audience is and what the popular hashtags are for that specific group.

Keep in mind that the wonderful world of hashtags is constantly evolving. While you may stick to a few tried-and-true hashtags when promoting some of your posts, you also should frequently research hashtags that are current and relevant to your blog and to specific posts.

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