5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs an Email Subscription Form

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs an Email Subscription Form

Regardless of how popular your blog gets, you may eagerly check your site’s stats regularly to see how many readers you have connected with. Driving traffic to your blog and maintaining a high click-through rate are easier said than done. In fact, you may spend so much time and energy writing, publishing and promoting your content that setting up an email newsletter is the last thing on your mind.

This line of thinking can wind up biting you in the rear.

Here are the top reasons why you need to add an email subscription form to your blog today.

1. Increase Readership

Do you get frustrated when you write an amazing piece that seemingly gets minimal hits? Do you wonder if your promotional efforts got the blog post in front of the right people or if you should risk annoying people by promoting it again?

Through your blog’s email subscription form, you have direct access to the inboxes of people who have asked to stay in touch with you. Rather than hoping and praying that your blog post promotions are seen by the right eyes, you can put the posts directly in front of people who want to read your work.

2. Create a Loyal Following

An email subscription form will not create a loyal following for your blog right away, but it is a first step. Your blog’s subscribers are potential fans. Their interest in your blog can build over time as you continue to keep your posts in front of them.

Loyal followers also may be more likely to share your work with others. The side benefit of this is increased viewership over time.

3. Optimize Promotion Campaigns

New blogs generally have mediocre readership at best. Search engines haven’t had time to crawl over all of the posts and to give them a high placement in results pages. Backlinks are still being created. These and other factors combine to ensure that your blog posts are almost solely read by those who act on your promotional efforts. For example, they click a link on a Twitter promotion.

You can optimize your reach through your email subscription list. While you should continue promoting posts individually through social media and other outlets, you can gradually reach more people as your subscription list grows and without having to take any extra promotional steps.

4. Increase Page Views

Are you looking for a great way to promote older blog posts? Your blog’s email newsletter may primarily be used to promote new posts, but there are no hard and fast rules. You can always add a sidebar that highlights a few previous posts or work in the links in other creative ways. By doing so, you could increase page views and overall readership in the process.

5. Boost Revenue

While you may thoroughly enjoy blogging, you also want to turn a profit from your efforts. Blog monetization is directly linked to traffic. You can see that your blog’s email subscription list directly promotes increasing levels of traffic. Your subscription list will start with only a few subscribers, but when you keep up with the efforts, it will play a major role in boosting your blog’s revenue.

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